Havilah finds REE at flagship copper project in Australia

TFT-admin | January 8, 2020

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Havilah finds REE at flagship copper project in Australia
Kalkaroo station, on which the Kalkaroo copper-gold-cobalt -deposit lies.
(Image courtesy of Havilah Resources).

Havilah Resources (ASX: HAV) confirmed the presence of elevated levels of REE at its flagship Kalkaroo project in South Australia.

In a press release, Havilah said the discovery was made after re-assaying selected retained drill samples from the Kalkaroo copper-gold-cobalt deposit and the Croziers copper prospect.

Studies have commenced on the Kalkaroo copper-gold project to investigate the potential for economic recovery of a REE concentrate as a by-product

According to the miner, two copper-gold mineralised reconnaissance aircore drill hole samples, recently re-assayed from West Kalkaroo, show elevated levels of Nd, Pr, Dysprosium (Dy) and Terbium (Tb). These four REE make up approximately 80% of the potential value of REE in the two drill samples.

“The levels of these REE in the underlying copper ore types (e.g. native copper, chalcocite and chalcopyrite) is yet to be determined, although it is noted that previous limited La assay values were generally elevated,” the company’s media brief states.

Havilah also reported that composites of 11 drill samples also recently re-assayed from two reverse circulation drill holes at the Croziers copper prospect returned similarly elevated REE, although with higher relative proportions of the light-REE, namely La and Ce.

“The critical questions for Havilah are what mineral(s) host the REE and can the REE be recovered and concentrated to produce a saleable, direct shipping by-product along with copper concentrates,” Havilah’s technical director, Chris Giles, said in a statement.