How to Profit from the Global War over Copper



Goldman Sachs is sounding the alarm
of a historic shortage…

“The (Copper) market is now on the cusp of … what we expect to be the largest deficit in a decade.”

Let me tell you why…

In 2020, the world shut down. Both supply and demand for copper dried up. Construction halted, new car sales slowed, copper mines shuttered.

Now, the world is waking up again.

Following a 3.5% dip in the global economy last year, there is a lot of pent-up demand as economies get back up and running.

2021 marks the beginning of a massive, worldwide economic rebound. The International Monetary Fund predicts an incredible 5.5% expansion in the global economy this year.

The only time we’ve seen that kind of growth since 1980 was in the incredible housing boom of 2003–2006.

In just four years, copper skyrocketed 216%.

That’s the kind of movement that you don’t see coming very often. And when you do, you have to take full advantage of the opportunities it creates.

But remember — if history is any indicator, this is just the beginning of the surge.

The reason copper is suddenly in such high demand?

It starts with Electric Vehicles (EVs)…

EV Growth Is
Fuel on the Copper Fire

Electric Vehicles are reaching an inflection point. Deloitte projects an annual growth rate of 29% EVERY YEAR for the next decade.

That’s 2.5 million electric vehicles in 2020… 11.2 million in 2025… and 31.1 million in 2030.

Here’s the real kicker. While conventional gas cars use 18–49 pounds of copper per vehicle…

  • Electric cars need about 180 pounds of copper per vehicle.

That’s upwards of 10X the demand and it’s not just the vehicles that are fueling the copper fire.

  • Wood Mackenzie projects that charging stations alone will consume 250% more copper in 2030 than in 2019.

And Uncle Sam’s support for EVs is massive. The newest infrastructure bill includes US$174 billion to incentivize the production and use of EVs.

In short, the world is going to need A LOT MORE COPPER to get itself back on track and moving forward…

  • It’s expected that in the next 25 years, we will need to mine as much copper as we have in the past 5,000 years in order to meet demand.

The graph below shows this deficit expanding for the foreseeable future. Copper demand is headed straight up… and copper supply will begin to shrink.

This paints a picture of ruthlessly
demand for copper moving forward…

There’s just one problem. And it works hugely in your favor…

Copper can only be produced as quickly as it can be mined…and mines are not keeping up.

  • The average grade of copper in global reserves has been in a freefall for two decades.

Simply put, all of the high-quality copper deposits are being mined out!

And the lower-grade deposits that are left will be much more costly to mine from.

On the surface, growing demand and constrained supply are great news for copper producers.

But under the surface…

Copper Producers Are Panicking

When prices are high, the mines run at full tilt, melting through their reserves quickly.

But new copper reserves aren’t a dime a dozen. They must be discovered, explored, drilled, and proven – all before development can even start.

And since grades are dropping, more exploring and drilling needs to be done just to maintain reserves, never mind expand them to meet growing global demand.

The last thing major miners want to do is burn up their cash flow “kicking rocks.” Their focus is on expanding their mining operations and developing around pre-existing mine sites.

Then they can use capital—either cash or shares of stock—to buy additional reserves and replenish their balance sheets.

That’s why forward-thinking resource explorers are positioning themselves to build and control the assets that the copper giants are going to desperately need going forward.

Some are financing the development of smaller deposits that have already been de-risked.

Others are jumping on the BIG gains that can only come from BIG discoveries.

All of this has created an investment opportunity that doesn’t come along very often…

The One Team Winning
Copper Reserve War

The battle among majors to snap up new copper reserves has created one of the greatest opportunities of our generation… hidden in plain sight.

Right now, everyone else is still paying attention to meme stocks, Bitcoin, and NFTs.

Sure, a few people will make money from GameStop and AMC. But in the long run, most will lose.

Copper companies have actual assets in the ground. Real uses in the real world. And exploding demand that isn’t set to let up any time soon.

  • Only after the copper reserves crunch starts making billionaires out of the first movers will NBC and Bloomberg be all over this story.

So, there’s still time for you to profit from the inevitable—if you move quickly.

You don’t even have to know anything about mining copper.

“If you don’t know jewelry,
know the jeweler.”

– Warren Buffett

In the Atacama region of Chile, there’s a single mine that accounts for 5% of global production. It has larger reserves than any other mine in the world.

And it exists in the middle of thousands of square miles of false starts.

These failed projects were often mothballed… not because they weren’t feasible—but because the operators couldn’t make them work.

In other words, it’s often not the asset that fails. It’s a minor league management team that just can’t deliver.

Poor management teams can easily turn a world-class asset into a bankrupt company.

On the other hand… a winning management team can turn even a mediocre project into a takeout candidate.

And if they discover that the project is not worth their investment, they have the experience to redirect resources into the most promising prospects… the ones that have the best chances of delivering a win for their shareholders.

There are hundreds of half-finished copper and gold projects scattered about well-established mining regions like the one in Chile.

All these projects need is the right team of proven winners to walk in and unlock their value.

  • Winners who know how to build a proper team.
  • Winners who know the region, its infrastructure, and the regulatory environment.
  • Winners who have cash on hand and the ability to raise financing for the most promising projects.


A track record of success is exactly what investors want to invest in… which is why the first thing to look at in any investment is the PEOPLE.

Here’s an easy acronym of things to look for when doing your homework on a new company:

  • People,
  • Resources,
  • Operations,
  • Future,
  • Investors/Investments, and
  • Triggers.

As in the end, every investor’s goal is to P.R.O.F.I.T.

The team assembled at Torq Resources is one of the best in the world.





P – People

Executive Chairman, Shawn Wallace, is a mining industry veteran with over three decades of experience under his belt.

He’s got hands-on experience in all aspects of the mining industry lifecycle. Everything from project exploration and management to raising money and negotiating mergers and buyouts.

  • Shawn was a co-founder of Cayden Resources, which was taken out by Agnico Eagle Mines for over US$180 million.

Torq Co-founder & Director Ivan Bebek was the other co-founder of Cayden Resources.

They also, co-founded Galiano Gold (originally Keegan Resources), a junior that advanced all the way to becoming a producer…

  • Delivering over 10x returns to shareholders along the way.

Ivan is a familiar name in the junior mining industry. He has spent more than twenty years on the financing, acquisition, and foreign negotiations side of things.

They brought President & CEO Michael Kosowan in to help lead Torq because they know how vital it is to identify opportunities first and move on them fast.

Michael was mentored by a legend in the business…Rick Rule, one of the most successful resource financiers in the world.

Rick personally spent years mentoring and financially backing Michael Kosowan.

In fact, Kosowan left a plush job working with Rick Rule at Sprott to build his own world-class copper company.

(Those of you familiar with the mining space will be familiar with Sprott, which has been one of the most significant institutional financiers in mining for the past twenty years.)

Michael has both a technical and financial background giving him unique insights into the mining industry.

Most importantly…

  • This team has DONE THIS BEFORE, and they’ve done it together.

Their most recent win was gathering high-potential gold assets under the umbrella of Auryn Resources, which is now under corporate reorganization.

They developed the assets to show their potential, then brought in solid management teams and spun out the assets into their own companies.

Auryn shareholders who were still holding in the fall of 2020 found themselves owning stock in three separate companies:

  • Sombrero Resources,
  • Tier One Silver, and
  • Fury Gold Mines

“Mines aren’t found, they’re built.”

– Rick Rule

R – Resources

unnamed-4Torq is not a tourist company that just wants to be able to tell the Market they’re in the copper business because copper is hot.

They aren’t a desperate junior hoping to raise money on a property’s potential, either.

  • First, Torq is sitting on over US$6 million in the bank with no debt.

With this war chest, the management team is hunting for the best copper-gold mineral prospects in Chile.

Why Chile?

Because that’s where the world’s largest copper mines are. And where over a quarter of the world’s reserves of copper are.

That said, Torq isn’t the kind of company to jump on the first project it can get its hands on. They’ve spent the last few years hunting down the RIGHT properties and the RIGHT exploration team.

The technical team has been on the ground in Chile throughout the pandemic, actively investigating opportunities identified by management.

  • As a cash-rich public company, Torq Resources is in a position to show property owners that they’re serious about finding a discovery.

And they just made a big splash with one of their first property acquisitions, the Margarita iron-oxide-copper-gold project in Chile.

Margarita is a neglected project—once owned by a billionaire and forgotten about. It was left untouched for years with minimal exploration work done.

But as the pictures above show…

  • There’s plenty of visible copper oxide mineralization at the surface, suggesting serious potential for a much more lucrative find below the surface – the copper sulphide source.

And Torq has the option to take 100% ownership of the project with a mix of cash payments and exploration expenditure.

The company is conducting geological mapping and geophysical surveys at Margarita in order to highlight drill targets for follow-up.

They’re aiming to put drill rigs to work as early as Q3 this year.

Torq will need to spend a little over US$1 million exploring Margarita in the next 18 months as part of their option agreement.

Fortunately, their healthy bank account and low burn rate mean there’s little danger of the company running out of money.

And with the network the management team has, including Michael’s extensive group of contracts through Sprott, and Ivan and Shawn’s connections…

They have a very loyal investor base they can engage when the time is right to raise more money down the road.

Good thing, because the 1,045-hectare Margarita is just the starting point of Torq’s premium project pickups in Chile.

As Shawn Wallace said: 

“Margarita is the first in what will be a series of acquisitions
of high-quality copper-gold exploration projects
with district-scale potential in Chile.”

Strategic development of the right prospects in Chile will give them potential to become standalone projects…

That can be spun out to shareholders as a form of dividends – ongoing developments that majors will buy at a premium.

COVID-19 delayed Torq’s further acquisition plans, forcing them to recall field personnel and delay site visits.

O – Operations

Torq has brought on board an exploration team that knows the region. The dedicated leadership team has over 100 years combined experience in Chile’s mining industry.

Waldo Cuadra, Javier Rojas, Piotr Palaczek, and Luciano Bocanegra have seen it all in Chile. They have connections within the exploration, project development, and governmental worlds.

  • This greatly increases their access to project flow and eases the process whenever they pull the trigger on a new property.

In addition –the Chilean exploration team is led by the expertise of Michael Henrichsen, the company’s Chief Geologist. He was formerly a structural geologist at the world’s largest gold company – Newmont, and has contributed to the discovery of numerous multi-million ounce deposits globally.

Michael Henrichsen’s views of the Margarita project are

“It represents excellent discovery potential for a major deposit… we can rapidly move to drill stage and provide a high-quality exploration opportunity in a matter of months.”

Torq’s technical team is now working on geologic modelling of the asset and acquiring IP (induced polarization) data.

  • If the results are promising, the company is aiming to get drills on site as early as this fall.

In the meantime, Torq will continue to actively screen for further acquisitions in Chile.

I – Investors / Investments

unnamed-6As of this publication, management, insiders and close associates own 55% of the shares outstanding. That’s nearly US$26 million worth.

Seeing management own a significant portion of their own company’s free trading shares is always a good sign, as it means they’re incentivized to do what’s best for shareholders.

Again, the company is still sitting on over US$6 million in cash and hasn’t needed to raise money in a long time. The last raise was done four years ago at roughly the same share price.

Until Torq makes acquisitions that they confirm are high-quality enough to warrant significant exploration work, that won’t need to change anytime soon.

T – Triggers

The patience that Torq’s management team has shown in executing their game plan may seem off-putting.

Sometimes overnight success stories take years to develop. If you were to look at Torq’s performance in the last few years, you might think they had burned through several million dollars with nothing to show for it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They have evaluated, acquired, explored and then dropped several mineral properties.

Inexperienced miners would pick a property and develop it until the cash register ran out… then close up shop, leaving investors to dry.

Torq’s leaders are veteran businessmen who know when to cut their losses, and focus on the winners – as winners win.

They know how to focus on only the properties with the potential for a top-tier project.

Even after optioning Margarita, they’re actively working on finding more stellar mineral assets. They’ve worked throughout the pandemic and are continuing to do due diligence wherever they can.

In fact, the pandemic also represents an opportunity for Torq. The global shutdowns and quarantines were a significant hiccup to global exploration, and grassroots exploration was hit the hardest out of all the resource exploration segments.

With less competition and less attention on these grassroots prospective mineral assets, Torq, is in a perfect position to jump on the best opportunities.

Margarita represents just the first of these. So, this is the early stages of an overnight success story years in the making.

The Torq team won’t stop until they find a tier-one asset that they know they’ll be able to monetize successfully. And when they find it, well, they’re no strangers to proving out and developing mineral assets.

With the opportunities a global pandemic has presented, it might be not a question of if Torq will find a high-quality mineral prospect and turn it into a developer. It’s only a question of how soon.


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