Bitcoin, Growth Stocks Surge on Bond Relief and AI Fever – What Lies Ahead?

Aldel Galo | March 5, 2024

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Bitcoin and smaller growth-oriented stocks propelled Wall Street to another winning week, fueled by easing bond yields, a positive inflation report, and the unwavering allure of artificial intelligence (AI). The week ahead brings critical data on the labor market and a fresh wave of corporate earnings, setting the stage for potential market shifts.

Key Market Movers

Bitcoin Breaches $60K: Riding on strong demand spurred by recently launched ETFs and the anticipated April halving event, Bitcoin decisively surpassed the $60,000 mark, marking a substantial 23% weekly gain.
Major Indices Advance: Riding the rally, the S&P 500 (+0.90%), Nasdaq (+1.70%), and Russell 2000 (+2.90%) all posted weekly gains despite the Dow Jones dipping slightly (-0.20%).
Inflation Cools, Pressure Eases: The release of the Fed’s preferred inflation metric, the PCE, showed an annual rise of 2.4% in January, aligning with forecasts and offering a degree of relief to investors.
Bond Yields Retreat: Lower inflation readings contributed to a decline in the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield to 4.18%, providing a boost to riskier assets.

Dell’s Earnings Spark AI Rally: Robust earnings from Dell Technologies, driven in part by AI-related demand, ignited a surge in semiconductor stocks specializing in AI chips, such as Nvidia and AMD. Further fuel was added by’s smaller-than-anticipated loss, amplifying the AI hype.

Expert Insights: Parsing the Signals

Steve Wyett, Chief Investment Strategist, BOK Financial: “The PCE report, while meeting expectations, highlights lingering stickiness within core inflation components. This warrants continued monitoring as we assess the Fed’s path forward.”

Kendall Dilley, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Vineyard Global Advisors: “The PCE report doesn’t fundamentally alter the path of Fed rate cuts. While the first cut could potentially occur in June (or later), the data underscores the need for further inflation readings before a definitive shift.”

The Week Ahead: Eyes on Jobs and Earnings

Critical Labor Market Report: Friday’s jobs report is pivotal for assessing the Fed’s policy trajectory. While forecasts anticipate a moderation in job growth (195,000 vs. January’s 353,000), unexpected figures could significantly influence market direction.

Earnings Watchlist: Target, Costco, Broadcom, Marvel Technologies, and MongoDB are among the high-profile companies releasing earnings. Surprises, positive or negative, hold the potential to sway market sentiment amidst already-elevated valuations.

The Path Forward: Volatility and Opportunity

The current market landscape is defined by a confluence of factors: easing, but persistent, inflation; potential shifts in Fed policy; and the undeniable allure of AI-driven growth. This dynamic creates an environment ripe with both opportunity and risk.

Investors are advised to adopt a multi-pronged approach:

Monitor Inflation and Fed Signals: Closely track inflation data and Fed communications to gauge the evolving monetary policy landscape.
AI: Substance over Hype: Maintain a discerning eye with AI investments, focusing on companies demonstrating genuine revenue growth and profitability within the sector.
Expect Volatility: Anticipate market fluctuations driven by earnings reports and economic data releases.


The recent rally in Bitcoin and growth stocks, while promising, warrants a degree of caution. Savvy investors will embrace a balanced strategy, combining a careful assessment of macroeconomic trends with a focus on companies possessing sound fundamentals.