Why Uranium Stocks Could Be the Next Big Investment Trend

TipsForTraders | April 9, 2024

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The landscape for uranium stocks is presenting an enticing entry point for investors, spurred by the recent fluctuations observed within this sector. Last year, uranium equities notably outstripped the broader market’s performance, exemplified by the Global X Uranium ETF (URA), which saw an impressive ascent of nearly 38%. However, 2024 has introduced a heightened level of unpredictability, underscored by a significant pullback in February where URA experienced an 18% reduction. This turbulence, we argue, offers a strategic moment for market participants to capitalize on the enduring upward trajectory of uranium stocks.

A closer examination of URA’s recent price movements unveils a constructive technical pattern, hinting at a bullish outlook. Specifically, the ETF has formed what technical analysts refer to as a cup-and-handle pattern, a formation often associated with a bullish continuation. This pattern is not unique to URA; it mirrors the trajectory of the Sprott Uranium Miners ETF (URNM), which solidified its base formation, or the “cup,” in the latter part of the previous year. Following a brief dip in February, URA rebounded robustly from its January nadir of approximately $26.60, a resurgence buoyed by its 40-week moving average.

The recent breach above its 10-week moving average, concomitant with an upswing from an intermediate-term oversold condition as indicated by the weekly stochastic oscillator, augurs well for URA’s forward momentum. This technical maneuver elevates the probability of overcoming the proximate resistance level around $31.30, a pivotal move that would signify a bullish advancement in URA’s long-term trend and affirm its cyclical growth narrative.

Projected forward, a successful negotiation of this resistance threshold could set the stage for URA to target the $43 mark, a scenario more pertinent to the outlook for 2025. With assets under management totaling $3.2 billion and an expense ratio of 0.69%, URA positions itself as a leading player in the uranium ETF space. It’s worth mentioning that Cameco, constituting about 23% of URA’s portfolio, parallels the ETF’s bullish technical indicators, further bolstering the case for optimism in the uranium sector.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uranium stocks, having eclipsed broader market performance in 2023, encountered heightened volatility in 2024, yet this volatility underscores a prime buying opportunity.
  • The formation of a bullish cup-and-handle pattern in both URA and URNM suggests a continuation of their upward trajectories.
  • Technical indicators favor a breakout above key resistance levels, potentially ushering in substantial gains, particularly for URA with a long-term target of approximately $43.
  • Cameco’s alignment with URA’s bullish indicators reinforces the sector’s positive outlook.


Amid the ebb and flow of market dynamics, the uranium sector has flashed signals that beckon astute investors. The technical patterns and underlying strength observed in key ETFs such as URA and URNM paint a compelling picture of potential growth. With foundational support from significant holdings like Cameco, the sector’s bullish undercurrents are hard to ignore. As we navigate through the volatility, the unfolding narrative suggests that now may be an opportune moment to engage with uranium stocks, positioning for a future where their intrinsic value and strategic importance are likely to be further recognized and rewarded.