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Roche dumps antisense hep B drug after bagging rival asset

Roche has dropped an antisense hepatitis B drug shortly after licensing a rival therapy from Dicerna Pharmaceuticals. RG6004 fell off Roche’s pipeline as part of a periodic cull that affected a handful of other experimental programs. 

Synthetic locked nucleic acid modified antisense oligonucleotide RG6004 moved into the clinic early in 2017, opening […]

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Pfizer cans early-stage trials for cancer, sickle cell targets

As Pfizer posts its full-year financials today, as usual it’s also sneaked in several dropped projects from its pipeline.

A few years back, Pfizer pretty much canned its entire neuro pipeline, but today the ax isn’t quite so red with blood. There’s a load of trials with its Merck-partnered Bavencio cancer drug that have […]

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