Future Gains: How KKR and Avis Budget Are Set to Outperform in 2024

TipsForTraders | May 6, 2024

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Bank of America’s analysts are radiating confidence in the current financial landscape, casting a favorable light on two stocks they believe are poised for significant growth. As market dynamics continue to ebb and flow, Bank of America’s strategic endorsements come at a critical time when investors are searching for reliable opportunities.

At the forefront of this optimistic outlook is KKR & Co. (KKR), a powerhouse in global finance and asset management. KKR’s operations extend deep into the capital markets, facilitating substantial transactions across debt, equity, and real estate for a diverse clientele. The firm’s assets under management (AUM) have swelled to $578 billion as of March 31, marking a 13% increase from the previous year. This includes $31 billion in freshly raised capital in the first quarter of 2024 alone. The firm’s robust performance is further underscored by its adjusted net income of $864 million for the quarter, surpassing expectations and previous year figures.

Bank of America’s analyst, Craig Siegenthaler, remains bullish on KKR, citing the company’s diversified business model and strong performance across its investment platforms. He highlights the firm’s strategic positioning and innovative approach as key drivers for future growth. Siegenthaler’s confidence is echoed in his $134 price target for KKR, suggesting a substantial upside of 41% from current levels.

Transitioning from finance to car rentals, Avis Budget Group (CAR) emerges as another strong contender, backed by Bank of America’s analysis. Despite recent challenges in the used car market, Avis Budget stands out with its extensive global operations that include a fleet of approximately 655,000 vehicles and a presence in 180 countries. The company’s revenue reached $12 billion in 2023, with its latest quarterly report showing a 5% year-over-year increase in rental days and revenue exceeding expectations by $80 million.

Bank of America analyst John Babcock maintains a Buy rating on CAR, optimistic about the company’s recovery prospects into 2025. He points to Avis Budget’s market resilience, pricing stability, and operational efficiencies as factors that will drive earnings growth. Babcock’s $140 price target indicates a promising 21% upside potential for the stock.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Market Resilience: Despite mixed market signals, Bank of America sees potential for growth, particularly in the sectors managed by KKR and Avis Budget Group.
  2. Diversified Strategies: Both KKR and Avis Budget are leveraging their broad market presence and diversified business strategies to navigate current economic complexities and position themselves for future gains.
  3. Analyst Confidence: Strong endorsements from top analysts reflect a deep conviction in the underlying strengths and future performance of these companies.


As we progress through a tumultuous economic landscape, the insights from Bank of America’s analysts shed light on strategic investment opportunities that promise robust returns. With both KKR and Avis Budget Group poised for significant growth, these recommendations offer investors sound avenues to capitalize on potential market recoveries and operational efficiencies. Moving forward, these stocks not only reflect solid fundamentals but also highlight the resilience and adaptability necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic markets.