Achieving Market-Beating Returns: Top Stock Picks for Long-Term Growth

Aline Medeiros | July 2, 2024

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The Nasdaq Composite’s robust average annual gain of 11% over the past three decades, amassing a cumulative return of 2,440%, sets a high benchmark for investors. To exceed such impressive returns, investors should concentrate on equities with significant growth prospects. Over time, companies showing a strong correlation between earnings growth and stock performance have proven to be lucrative investments. Especially, companies capable of doubling their earnings within five years, reflecting an annual growth rate of 15%, are likely to reward investors with market-beating performances.

Carnival Corporation (NYSE: CCL), the global leader in cruise vacations, is well-placed to capitalize on the increasing demand for leisure travel. Despite a modest stock increase of 18% in the past year compared to Nasdaq’s 33%, Carnival’s evolving earnings picture suggests substantial potential for stock appreciation. Recently, Carnival turned a profit of $92 million with a 17% revenue spike in the last quarter. Enhanced cost management and strategic initiatives such as the soon-to-open Celebration Key—a new destination expected to cut fuel costs and boost profitability—along with its fleet optimization plans, position Carnival for significant earnings growth. Analysts predict a 12% annual growth in Carnival’s earnings, suggesting that an increase in its price-to-earnings ratio from 16.3 to 20 could see the stock value doubling in the next five years.

Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER) presents another intriguing growth story. The ride-sharing giant has exceeded Nasdaq’s returns with a 66% surge over the past year. Uber’s aggressive expansion into advertising through Uber Journey Ads has transformed it into a burgeoning multibillion-dollar sector. This initiative, combined with consistent growth in gross bookings, revenues, and trips—all increasing by at least 15%—underscores its growth trajectory. With $900 million in annualized advertising revenue already achieved by the end of 2023, analysts project Uber’s earnings could reach $4.31 by 2026, growing at an impressive annualized rate of 45%.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carnival Corporation: The company is poised for growth with a focus on cost-effective strategies and fleet optimization. With a projected annualized earnings increase of 12%, Carnival’s strategic management and operational efficiency may double its stock value if its valuation multiples adjust upward.
  • Uber Technologies: Uber’s strategic foray into high-margin advertising spaces and a strong increase in core metrics like bookings and trips position it as a compelling investment. With earnings potentially growing at an annualized rate of 45%, Uber is well on its way to seeing its stock value double within five years.


Investors aiming to outperform the historical gains of the Nasdaq Composite would do well to consider equities with robust earnings growth potential. Both Carnival Corporation and Uber Technologies represent such opportunities. By investing in companies with strategic advantages and strong growth trajectories, investors stand a good chance of securing superior returns over the long term. This strategy not only aligns with seeking outperforming stocks but also leverages potential market conditions favorably, setting a solid foundation for future financial success.