Calibre Mining’s Recent Developments: Advancing Gold Mine Construction and Receiving Environmental Approval

| July 9, 2024

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Calibre Mining Corp., a prominent name in the mining industry, has recently made significant strides in the development of its gold mining projects. These updates are crucial for the company’s growth and have implications for the communities and economies where these mines are located. Here, we break down the latest news from Calibre Mining in a way that’s easy to understand.


Advancing the Valentine Gold Mine Construction

Calibre Mining is making headway with the construction of the Valentine Gold Mine, situated in Newfoundland and Labrador. The company has successfully completed several key milestones, bringing it closer to producing gold from this promising site.


Key Points:

  • Site Preparation and Infrastructure: Calibre has progressed with site preparation, including clearing and grubbing (removing vegetation and roots) and constructing access roads. These foundational steps are critical for setting up the necessary infrastructure for mining operations.
  • Camp Construction: The construction of a camp for workers is also underway. This camp will house the employees who will work on the site, ensuring they have the necessary accommodations and facilities.
  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance: The company continues to focus on meeting environmental and regulatory requirements. This includes implementing measures to minimize the environmental impact of mining activities and ensuring all operations comply with local regulations.


Environmental Approval for Volcan Gold Deposit

In another significant development, Calibre Mining has received environmental approval for the development and operation of the Volcan Gold Deposit, part of the Libertad Mine Complex in Nicaragua. This approval is a critical step in moving forward with the project and highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices.


Key Points:

  • Environmental Clearance: The environmental approval indicates that the project has met all the necessary environmental standards set by the Nicaraguan authorities. This includes ensuring that mining activities will not adversely affect the local ecosystem and communities.
  • Project Development: With this approval, Calibre can now proceed with developing the Volcan Gold Deposit. This involves planning and setting up the necessary infrastructure to extract gold from the site.
  • Economic Impact: The development of the Volcan Gold Deposit is expected to create jobs and contribute to the local economy. It underscores the potential benefits that responsible mining can bring to surrounding communities.


What This Means for Calibre Mining

These advancements are part of Calibre Mining’s broader strategy to expand its gold production capabilities. By progressing with the Valentine Gold Mine construction and receiving environmental approval for the Volcan Gold Deposit, the company is positioning itself for growth and sustainability in the competitive mining industry.



Calibre Mining’s recent achievements mark significant progress in its ongoing projects. The advancements in the Valentine Gold Mine construction and the environmental approval for the Volcan Gold Deposit reflect the company’s dedication to responsible mining and its potential for contributing to local economies. These updates not only demonstrate Calibre’s operational capabilities but also its commitment to adhering to environmental and regulatory standards, ensuring a balanced approach to growth and sustainability.