Insights from a Veteran Advisor on Inflation, Investment Strategies

Aldel Galo | April 26, 2024

In the latter part of 2020, amidst what many would call an easy-money period marked by remarkably low federal funds rates at 0.09% and minimal annual inflation at 1.2%, a seasoned advisor from Merrill Private Wealth Management made a notably contrarian forecast. This advisor, with over three decades of experience, pointed out an under-discussed indicator: […]

PayPal: An Undervalued Gem in the Payments Space

Aldel Galo | March 12, 2024

While PayPal (PYPL) has struggled with profitability and sentiment in the face of recent market challenges, I believe the stock represents a significant bargain. My DCF analysis, supported by industry trends and strategic shifts, indicates the potential for considerable upside. Why PayPal is Poised for a Rebound Evolving Industry, Established Leader: The digital payments market […]

Bitcoin, Growth Stocks Surge on Bond Relief and AI Fever – What Lies Ahead?

Aldel Galo | March 5, 2024

Bitcoin and smaller growth-oriented stocks propelled Wall Street to another winning week, fueled by easing bond yields, a positive inflation report, and the unwavering allure of artificial intelligence (AI). The week ahead brings critical data on the labor market and a fresh wave of corporate earnings, setting the stage for potential market shifts. Track all […]

3 Oversold Stocks: Bargains Hiding in a Bear Market

Aldel Galo | March 1, 2024

When stocks experience extended declines, they can become oversold – signaling a potential mismatch between their market price and their underlying value. Like a forgotten clearance rack tucked away in a store, these oversold stocks may represent hidden gems, offering investors a chance to buy quality companies at a discount. However, it’s  crucial to remember […]