Is Ford’s Dividend Strategy Enough to Outperform GM?

Elia | July 5, 2024

Ford Motor Company (F) has been lagging behind its crosstown rival General Motors Company (GM) this year. While GM’s stock has soared 30%, Ford’s has only managed a 5.6% gain. This underperformance is a head-scratcher for many analysts, considering both companies are experiencing similar sales growth and are aggressively pursuing the electric vehicle (EV) market. […]

Healthcare and Undervalued Stocks: Fort Pitt Capital’s Strategy for 2024

Elia | June 21, 2024

Tech Dominance and Portfolio Balancing Challenges Investors striving for a balanced portfolio in 2024 face significant hurdles as tech stocks continue their stronghold on the market. Dan Eye, Chief Investment Officer at Fort Pitt Capital Group, which manages $5.3 billion, provides a nuanced perspective on the current investment climate. Eye, a former JPMorgan portfolio manager, […]