A Trading Strategy that Covers Your Living Expenses

TFT-admin | December 5, 2021

The cost of living is expensive.  Think back 20 or so years and see if you can remember what you thought it would cost to send your kids to college, or what the price of groceries would be.  Are your utilities higher?  Between currency devaluation and inflation, things cost much more now than what we […]

Why it’s [Almost] Always Best to Invest in the Dogs of the Dow

TFT-admin | November 27, 2021

One of the greatest investment opportunities are the Dogs of the Dow. And while some analysts may write off the Dogs of the Dow theory as antiquated, it’s just not true at all.  In 2011, there were up 16.3%. In 2012, they jumped 9.9%. In 2013, they returned 34.9%. In 2014, they returned nearly 11%. In […]

U.S. Unexpectedly Lifts Iran-Related Sanctions On Chinese Tanker Company

TFT-admin | January 31, 2020

The United States will remove the sanctions it imposed on Chinese tanker operator Cosco for violating the Iran oil sanctions, Reuters reports, citing sources in the know.
One of the sources, from a large Chinese oil company, said Cosco had already been taken off the sanction list […]

Minera Alamos acquires equipment to ramp up Mexican operation

TFT-admin | January 31, 2020

Minera Alamos (TSXV: MAI) is already planning for the possible growth of its Santana gold project in northwestern Mexico.

In a press release, the company announced that it has entered into a $1.2-million equipment purchase agreement with Mako Mining, Marlin Gold […]

How Bykea is winning Pakistan’s ride-hailing and delivery market

TFT-admin | January 31, 2020

Increasingly, the streets of Karachi and Lahore are being flooded with men riding bikes and wearing green T-shirts, a writer friend recently told me. In a sense, these men represent the emergence of Pakistan’s tech startups.

India now has more than 25,000 startups and […]

MediPharm Labs Receives Australian Licence to Import Drugs

TFT-admin | January 31, 2020

MediPharm Labs Corp. (TSX: LABS) (OTCQX: MEDIF) (FSE: MLZ), a global leader in specialized, research-driven cannabis extraction, distillation, purification and cannabinoid isolation, is pleased to announce the receipt of a key importation licence for its Australian business. This licence is a critical step to building the Company’s […]

Bitcoin Heads Into Historically Positive February on a Bullish Note

TFT-admin | January 31, 2020

Bitcoin is holding its bullish trend while heading into the historically strong month of February.

The top cryptocurrency picked up a bid below $7,000 on Jan. 3 and has been on an upward trajectory ever since, rising to three-month highs near $9,570 on Thursday, according to […]

Why 2020 Could Be A Record Year For Oil Trading Giants

TFT-admin | January 30, 2020

Retail investors with long positions in crude oil markets had little to cheer about in 2019 as the market failed to maintain the early-year rally as pipeline outages, geopolitical tensions and dramatic changes in ship fuel regulations shook up the global oil market leading to high volatility.
It was an annus mirabilis, though, for large oil…

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