Is Now the Perfect Time to Invest in These Undervalued Blue-Chip Stocks?

TipsForTraders | March 21, 2024

Minting substantial returns from the market often hinges on the strategic selection of stocks, coupled with patience and a keen eye for undervalued opportunities. This analysis delves into the realm of blue-chip stocks that have not seen significant movement in recent times but are on the brink of potentially robust growth. Despite their current stagnation, […]

A Trading Strategy that Covers Your Living Expenses

TFT-admin | December 5, 2021

The cost of living is expensive.  Think back 20 or so years and see if you can remember what you thought it would cost to send your kids to college, or what the price of groceries would be.  Are your utilities higher?  Between currency devaluation and inflation, things cost much more now than what we […]

Why it’s [Almost] Always Best to Invest in the Dogs of the Dow

TFT-admin | November 27, 2021

One of the greatest investment opportunities are the Dogs of the Dow. And while some analysts may write off the Dogs of the Dow theory as antiquated, it’s just not true at all.  In 2011, there were up 16.3%. In 2012, they jumped 9.9%. In 2013, they returned 34.9%. In 2014, they returned nearly 11%. In […]